The "Berliner Tanzsportjugend" and the "LTV Berlin" present in cooperation with DTV and WDSF

Blaue Band der Spree 2020

April 10th to 13th

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WDSF Open and national ranking tournaments Juniors II and Youth

Sport Centrum Siemensstadt

From 2020 the Summer Dance Festival and the Blaues Band der Spree will be joined!

The Blaues Band der Spree is one of the most traditional and largest German dance sport events and will remain at its traditional time in 2020 - Easter. At the same time, the Blaues Band der Spree is starting the youth tournaments of the previous Summer Dance Festival this year. All together and all dance athletes - from children to seniors III - together under the name and umbrella "Blaues Band der Spree".

And this is not the first time: there have been youth tournaments from time to time at the Blue Band. At the premiere event in 1973, it was even the Berlin State Youth Championship, in later years youth tournaments briefly supplemented the range of tournaments at the Blaues Band again.

In 2020, more than 100 tournaments will be held at two event locations - in the Sport Centrum Siemensstadt and in the Gretel-Bergmann sports hall. Over the four Easter days 2020 (April 10th to 13th), the range of international WDSF tournaments - in addition to the previous junior and youth (ranking) tournaments from the Summer Dance Festival - supplemented by tournaments for Seniors II and Seniors III in the standard dances.